Frequently Asked Questions

Question about selling

in Egypt a Property can never depreciate in value the right question would be how much is this specific property can increase in value and we calculate the ROI of the property for you 

new homes especially the off plan ones has a more tendency to increase in value other than that there is no difference except the obvious which is a new home is more modern 

the broker is the one responsible to advertise your property if you are selling it and if you are buying he will search for you perfect home fro you and arrange viewing dates for you

sure he can and it will give him residency too

Question about renting

_if the contract is less than 6 months the Commission would be 10% of the total amount 
-if the contract is 6 months to year the commission would be equivalent to the value of half month rent 
– if the contract is 1 year or more the commission would be equivalent to the value of  one month rental value

if the documents are ready then just few minutes to review the contract and signing it

every real estate company in Egypt has a lawyer who writes all the contracts

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