GPS Misr


We are a company specialized in real estate marketing. She realized that success and continuity of creativity depend on the practice of marketing work on professional and advanced foundations, and that achieving leadership is impossible without achieving mutual trust between the client and the company.

And for that, the company began to operate through the following foundations and principles:

1- A sense of responsibility and cooperation with customers. 

2- Continuous and continuous presence wherever the client is. 

3- There is no room for randomness or improvisation in planning advertising campaigns. 

4- We provide an integrated service of services to the client that includes the engineering, accounting and legal aspects, in addition to the marketing and sales services.

Team of Brokers in GPS Misr

Nermeen Salah
property consultant
Dina Mohamed
Junior Property Consultant
Ahmed Selim
Senior property consultant
Mahmoud Heggy
property consultant
Mostafa Ibrahim
Shimaa Abd Elaty
Property Consultant
Ahmed Zakarya
Senior property consultant
Ahmed Gamil
Digital Marketing
Mohamed Ellethy
Property Consultant
Ibrahim Khairy
Property Consultant
Mohamed Sayd
property consultant
Sara Rashed
Office Manager
Marina Kamal
Senior property consultant
Rich Wacksman
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Menna Abd Allah
property consultant
Jennifer Barton
Senior Vice President, Product
Mahmoud Ghandour
Sales Team Leader
Nick Swift
Chief Technology Officer

Our Partners